Author: Austin Norman

Created: Monday October 30th 2017 at 7:58pm

Category: General Skepticism

We Almost Certainly Live In A Deterministic Universe Whether People Like It Or Not!


Like it or not, determinism is certainly the reality of our Universe. It invokes feelings of being absolutely abhorrent, but at the same time it does create a profound feeling of understanding. Determinism doesn't just apply to our behavior it applies to everything we see. Everything in the Universe is matter or energy and therefore falls under the laws of science. If you believe in science, then you should believe in cause and effect. Everything around us happens for a material cause and effect type reasoning. For example, neurons firing in the brain affect behavior which acts on something else and causes ABC to happen.



There is no getting around the idea scientifically that everything has a material cause; that is to say, we might not always be able to measure the cause and effect on matter around us, but that doesn't mean it's not there. If you extrapolate that further, then basically everything is decided. Everything in the Universe is like a chain of cause an effect, therefore it's much like the analogy rows of dominoes falling over. The fact I was going to write this article was determined all along by an extraordinarily complex chain of events. Everything has been decided from the start of the Universe to its final conclusion.

Excellent Video From Sam Harris On Joe Rogan 

Society should have a right to protect itself, but if we live in a deterministic universe, should dangerous people and criminals be help responsible for their actions?  The short answer in my opinion is yes.  We need to be understanding of crminals and sociopaths.  I don't ultimately think that criminals are responsible for their behavior, but it's important to not use determinism as an excuse.  We should always better ourselves as individuals, and punishment should be a facotor to alter behavior, but as Sam Harris has said, this brings compassion out in even the worst individuals.

Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber) From Lincoln Montana, Who Sent Dangerous Letters That Killed And Injured People