Author: Austin Norman

Created: Wednesday January 11th 2017 at 4:42pm

Category: News

Anti-Vaccine Dr. Daniel Neides From Cleveland Sparks Controversy And Outrage

N1RriNKhCl.jpg Dr. Daniel Neides From Cleveland 

Onboard with the latest anti-vaccine folks Dr. Neides sparked controversy and outrage among the medical community when he posted about how he was tired of "Big Business" and the "Government" feeding people nonsense. Part of his exact works were: "-I am tired of all the nonsense we as American citizens are being fed while big business - and the government - continue to ignore the health and well-being of the fine people in this country."  Since this has caused outrage among the the Medical Community as a whole, he has since apologized as has the Cleveland Clinic where he practices.  

Who is to actually know if he is sincere in his apology, or if he was just doing this for attention?  If he was only doing this for attention, it's unfortunately an expensive price to pay when you're potentially jeopardizing other people's health for your own fame.