Author: Austin Norman

Created: Wednesday January 11th 2017 at 4:49am

Category: Other

Odds Evolution Creating Humans Is Indeed Highly Unlikely, But Who Cares?


What are the odds of evolution occurring in such a way that humans would come into existence?  Many would argue that the odds are simply way too astronomical for something like evolution to likely occur at all.  This is a weak argument due to the fact that extremely astronomically unlikely events are actually occurring around us constantly.  In my video example below, I use an analogy of rolling 25 dice at the same time.  

Using the example of rolling 25 dice, the dice have to land on some set of 24 numbers.  The odds of them landing on the 25 numbers that occur are insanely unlikely.  What's the number you might ask?  6^24 or 6 to the 24th power.  You could likely roll the 25 dice billions of times over again and never hit the same 25 numbers.  This doesn't discount the fact that they did land on some set of 25 numbers, however unlikely it was for those dice to land on those numbers prior to rolling them.