Author: Austin Norman

Created: Monday January 9th 2017 at 6:18am

Category: Conspiracies

Hilarious Interview With David Icke By Bill Maher In His Movie Religulous.

Of course anyone with even a few brain cells to rub together knows that the famous conspiracy nut David Icke is obviously off of his rocker.  That doesn't stop him from talking to Bill Maher about shapeshifting reptiles in Bill Maher's documentary Religulous.  The only question that pops into my mind about this guy is whether or not he actually believes his own nonsense?  Something tells me that like Alex Jones, there's no possible way he could actually believe all of this stuff.



Essentially while he is a con man in my opinion, the idea that he is completely insane may only be partially true when you consider the fact that he and Alex Jones probably have made thousands of dollars from playing off of the credulity of people.  You can watch Bill Maher's interview with David Icke below.  While I don't agree with everything Bill Maher says, he has more intelligence on his little toe than David Icke has in his entire brain!!