Author: Austin Norman

Created: Monday January 9th 2017 at 5:03am

Category: Supernatural (UFOs, Ghosts, Cryptozoology etc.)

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer Says We Are Working With Extraterrestrial Aliens!

Paul Hellyer a former Canadian Defense Minister has gone off the deep end in coo coo for cocoa puffs land.  He ended up speaking for an organization that appears to be off in coco for coco puffs land too.  The organization is called "Citizen Hearing On Disclosure".  This "group" is supposed to help uncover from testimonials and "evidence" support for the idea that extraterrestrials are engaging with the human race.


Many of them members aren't even politicians, but writers about UFO's and alien related material.  Below is the video from this crazy man Paul Hellyer.

If you are thinking that things couldn't get an crazier they just did.  Conspiracy theorist Mark Dice recently posted a video about Hellyer that gets even crazier.  Mark Dice has claimed many times that the Illuminati are working with these "aliens", or "demonic beings" as some conspiracy theorists have called them.  

He's even gone on to say that these aliens could be "demonic" and therefore they are not only working directly with the Illuminati, but that they are also waiting to bring in the Anti-Christ.   Mark Dice is not only a conspiracy theorist, but he appears to be a religious extremist, fundamentalist.   Please give us your opinion below.